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Amelia Wagner Senior editor

Good Download Manager is an application which helps you download files from torrent websites.

The interface is nice, easy to use and intuitive. The menu is clear, though a bit cluttered. When you start downloading, a new window appears which shows the loading level of the file. This thing proves to be useless since the same information can be seen on the main page of the application.
You will notice a small window opens in the bottom right corner of the screen. This window checks the download and the upload speed. Since there are three different windows opened while downloading, the tool has a scattered aspect. The application comes with an incorporated player, which unfortunately doesn’t work properly, as it can’t find the location of files. An interesting part of this software is that it gives you the possibility to set the dial-up connection, in case you have one. If you own a high band connection, the program provides three options for applying band settings (Light, Medium and Heavy), each of them assigning the corresponding band for downloading.

Unlike other similar programs, this one comes with a special function which allows you to download websites. But it doesn’t always work well, because it sometimes makes errors and omits details from the original site.

I want to mention that while downloading, the processor and the RAM memory are used at maximum capacity, making the system not work properly.

In my opinion, this application is very useful and provides lots of options. The bad thing is that it loses its performances. Comparatively with other programs designed to perform the same tasks, Good Download Manager has some new functions. However, it forgets that the user prefers a faster and more efficient download process instead of recent and unreliable features.


  • Allows you to download websites
  • Nice and intuitive interface
  • Incorporated player


  • The player doesn't recognize file location
  • Scattered aspect
  • Uses a lot of resources
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trusted DOWNLOAD 10.2 MB

Publisher's description

Good Download Manager is absolutely free and comes with no restrictions. Besides its downloading capabilities, it also integrates a set of features designed to facilitate creating huge networks of users. These data mining networks help GDM users to make their browsing efforts count and become part of a bigger picture, ultimately helping other users and the whole community on the whole. You don't need to fine tune anything, you connect to this network automatically after you install the application. Your contribution is invaluable, because by using our product you not only help us improve it and make it into something that caters to needs of millions of people, but also become part of a huge family-like community of like-minded people that share information.

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    Naveen Kumar 8 months ago

    Yes, it is looks like Free Download Manager

  • 6
    Sam Joseph Godman J 8 months ago

    It looks like Free Download Manager. I think it is a duplicate download manager. There are no differences between them.

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